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IT Consulting IT Consulting 2014 – Now
Me repairing a computer

Computer Repair

Restoring systems with hardware and software fixes.
A giftlist on a wedding website

Custom Web Design

Creating responsive webpages for those that need them.
A small computer connected to the internet.

Embedded Systems

Creating small systems for network administration.
A disassembled network plug


Wiring networks for business.
Weigh Prices Weigh Prices April 2016
Comparing two prices: $19.98 for 3lb vs $8.98 for 680g. The second price is better by 10%.

Weigh Prices

Compare two prices and see which is better.
Choose your units: grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds and more.

Numerous units

The app supports many units, with more being added as time goes on.
Website 2.0 Website 2.0 Summer 2015
This website on desktop


Images have been compressed to make them smaller.
This website on mobile

Mobile Ready

Scales well for a large variety of devices.
Fuel Tracker Fuel Tracker Mar 28, 2015
Fuel Tracker

Fuel Tracker

Efficiency Visualized
Dominion Picker Dominion Picker May 17, 2014
Dominion Picker

Dominion Picker

An international effort to improve a card game.
A new shuffle

Quick Start

Shuffles hundreds of cards quickly.
Webserver Webserver Spring 2013
LAMP server stack

LAMP Server

All components working together.
The webserver

Tiny Footprint

The server is the size of a credit card.
Fish AI Fish AI Summer 2012
Fish Pond

AI Analysis

Take apart a neural net and analyze it.
Neural Network

Lay It Out

How is it structured?
Food Consumption Graph


How does it learn and improve?
VJukeBox VJukeBox Spring 2012
VJukeBox in action


A jukebox that plays and records movies.
Inside the box

Fully Assembled

Wired, functioning, working.
The VJukeBox

Two Term Project

See what a team of four can make with no prompts.
CommTube 1.0 CommTube 1.0 Summer 2011
Commtube 1.0

Conceptual Design

Remove costs – what can you make?
Cultural Probes

Cultural Probes

A novel way to get demographic information.


Ensure you are on target all the way through.
Flower Power Flower Power Spring 2011
Flower Power

Flower Power

A power bar – that wilts with use.
Moon Clock Moon Clock Spring 2010
The Moon Clock

Fully Realized

A clock that reflects the moon's patterns.
Moon Clock gear system

CNC Crafted

Made of laser-cut plexiglass.
Computer Model

Computer Modelled

Planned and prototyped in SolidWorks.
PLC Survey PLC Survey May 2010
Survey Website

PLC Survey

Made an online survey tool for a doctoral study.
Live Art Cube Live Art Cube Spring 2008
Live Art Cube

Augmented Reality

See both illusion and what is there.
Graffiti Sensors

Technical Analysis

Hardware and software was researched.


Time estimates were made with expert guidance.

Cost Management

Budgets were drawn up, estimating costs.
Snowbird Suite Snowbird Suite Spring 2008
Study Buddy Selection

Learning Through Play

A learning tool for grade 6 students.
Circuit Buddy

Fully Modular

Different "buddies" can be added and removed.
Break Buddy

Team Project

Modular design allowed more to be done.
Sound Search Buddy

Uses BC Grade 6 Curriculum

Buddies inspired by learning guidelines.
Website 1.0 Website 1.0 Spring 2008
Mark Lauman old website

HTML 5 Compliant

Before that, it was HTML 4.01 compliant.
Projects page

Dynamically Generated

PHP used to power the projects page.
Retail Asst Electronics Asst 2007 – 2013
Langley Superstore

Electronics Retail Assistant

For 6 years I helped others fulfil their electronic needs.
Team Pi Team Pi Spring 2007
Team Pi Website

My First Webpage

See my first attempt at creating a site.
Interactive Story


A story created by viewers.
Interactive Flash Forum

Interactive Flash Forum

NESP is powered by Flash, PHP and MySQL.
Theatre Technician Theatre Technician 2003 – 2006
TEDxLangley at the Cheif Sepass

Theatre Technician

Managing lights and sound, so others can present.


2012 Simon Fraser University BSc Interactive Arts and Technology; Computing Science
SFU Summit Scholarship
I chose a blend of two different programs because I felt that they complimented each other rather well. Design studies (School of Interactive Arts and Technology - SIAT) helped me to understand what people want from their technologies, while allowing me to practice these techniques in team-based projects. Computing science helped to teach me how to make these desires a reality, and gave me the opportunity grow on my own. The two combine together, to make me more flexible than a typical Computing Science graduate, while possessing deeper skills than most SIAT graduates.
Me Designing

About Me

A freelance developer with 5 years of experience in the industry. Has developed on a wide variety of platforms for an international client base. Currently working in web and Android development. Enjoys tinkering with new technologies as they arise.

Contact Mark

You can also reach me via email at ask@marklauman.ca.

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