Dominion Picker
Dominion Picker
Start your game of Dominion with this
useful shuffler.
Choose your cards
Dominion Picker will shuffle them, and draw your starting deck.
  • It will recommend if you should play with Colonies, Platinum or Shelters.
  • If the young witch is drawn, it will pick a bane for you.
  • Contains all cards as of February 2015.
Peruse the Black Market
Dominion Picker is equipped with a shuffler for the Black Market.
  • Can be triggered by itself, or from inside a starting deck with the Black Market.
  • Includes all selected cards that weren't in your starting deck
  • Places cards back in the order you drew them
Filter your selections
  • Remove sets you don't own, so the cards won't bother you.
  • Restrict the game to low cost, or try a high cost game!
  • Remove curses if you aren't feeling competitive today.