Team Renegade

An IAT 334 D101 Team

Report 3: System Prototype

November 23, 2009

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Programming Exercises

In part 3 of the project, your group will implement a working system prototype of your interface. You can use any available graphical user interface builder tool that you would like, for example, QT, WXWindows, Visual Basic, Flash, etc. You should be able to get much of the interface functionality working, but clearly you will not be able to implement all back-end application functionality. You should be able to build and connect to enough of the application functionality to be able to conduct an initial usability evaluation with the benchmark tasks you proposed in the previous part.

Your write-up for this part should include a description of your system prototype. You can include screen dumps to help explain it and text to describe how a user would interact with it. Discuss the implementation challenges you faced. Were their aspects that you wanted to build but were unable to do so?

After this part is complete, each group will demo their system for the professor and/or the TA. Demos take place in Lab time