Team Renegade

An IAT 334 D101 Team

Report 4: Interface Evaluation

December 7, 2009

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User Tests

In the final part of the project, your group will conduct a usability evaluation of it. Presumably, you will utilize some of the evaluation measures that you identified in part 2. We expect that you will conduct formal experiments on your system with sample users. These users will probably be your client(s) and maybe other students from class or other people who would fit your target user population. Give the users a few simple benchmark tasks and have them interact with your interface. Closely study what occurs. Deploy a questionnaire to get their subjective feedback about the interface and interaction.

Your write-up for this part should include a description of your usability study and its results. Explain why you chose the benchmark tasks that you did. Why did you ask users what you asked? What conclusions can you draw from the studies? What aspects of your design "worked" and what failed to meet your specifications? If you had more time to work on the design, what would you now change and improve? Remember, no designer ever gets a system "just right." We will reward teams who honestly and carefully assess their design and who clearly provide a plan for its improvement.

The design project will culminate in a session in which each group presents their system to the class. Each group will be expected to give a professional 10 minute summary and walk-through of their design and prototype. It is important that you do a good job communicating all your efforts for the term. You want to make sure that your objectives in the project are discussed, your system is clearly presented, and that your design process is communicated. Also describe what you learned from your usability study. Practice your presentation! Ten minutes is not long---plan accordingly.