Project 1: Team Concept Plan

From IAT 222 Artist Showcase

In Dieter Daniels essay, Strategies of Interactivity, he describes examples of media-assisted interaction forms of the 1980s and ’90s:

   * Interaction with a video story through multiple options
   * Interaction with a closed data world through which the viewer can navigate
   * Interaction through body interfaces
   * Data structures subject to dynamic self-development and influenced by interaction
   * Dialogue-based models
   * The ‘exemplary viewer’
   * Collective structures in the media realm

Read through the details of the examples and select one of which you can use as the bases of an interactive art project that brings about aesthetic innovation and/ or social change. In other words, develop a concept for an interactive arts project that would cause people to think differently about the experience of a work of art and/ or about their social or cultural surroundings.


1. Give your piece a title that reveals your concept/ idea.

2. Write a short description about your piece (300 - 600 words) addressing the following sections; How it works; What is the expected experience for the audience. Explain why this may constitute aesthetic innovation and/ or cause social change.

3. Communicate your idea through two representative images in the size 1000px X 1000px and 400 resolution

4. You may use digital photography utilizing a focused light source such as slide or overhead projector, Illustrator/Photoshop drawings or a hybrid. If you refine your concept, adjust your images accordingly.

Upload your title, description and images in jpg format to WebCT before the Lab in Week 5.

Be prepared to present you're team submission in week 5's lab.