Project 3: Final Integrated Proposal

From IAT 222 Artist Showcase

DUE WEEK 13: April 3/08

Assume the Surrey Art Gallery has accepted you’re teams exhibition proposal. Congratulations!!

Now you must find money to produce the project. This is a difficult task for any artist working in the real world. It usually means a time when a lot of compromises have to be made to the original concept to fit the financial constraints. For the project 3 we are asking team to apply to the IAT222: Canada Council for either the Audio (30K) or New Media (60K) grant.

Write this grant application as if you’re exhibition date starts March 01, 2010 and ends May 30, 2010 (3-months). Network based artworks (i.e. database, web art etc.) must have a physical installation component in the TechLab as well as on-line.

Project Deliverables:

  • Upload Project 3 information as a PDF file to WebCT (please limit your proposal to 15-pages).
  • Be prepared to deliver a 3-minute presentation introducing the
  • Upload to Wiki before your presentation in Week 13.
  • Submit a printed copy TA.

Project Outline:
Complete the attached IAT222: Canada Council Grant Application document Image:IAT222_P3_Grant.doc
1. Description Complete Grant section a – f (5%)
2. Time Line (15%)
3. Budget (10%)

Total 30%