Mark Lauman
Langley, BC


  • Jan 2014 32wks me

    Android Development

    Skills:Android, Java, XML, Self-direction
    Brief:Since graduation, I have been doing Android development work out of interest.
    Result:Two apps released, one more in progress. My first app is available in two languages, and is third in its category.
  • Spring 2013 3wks me

    This Website

    Skills:LAMP Server, Raspberry Pi, HTML5, PHP, DNS, Visual Design
    Brief:By myself, sought to turn a credit-card sized computer in to a webserver.
    Result:This webpage is currently hosted in that server.
  • Summer 2012 3wks 4ppl

    Fish AI Analysis

    Skills:Javascript, Code Analysis + Re-purposing, Public Speaking
    Brief:In a team of 4 analysed, re-purposed and demonstrated a small neural network to our class.
    Result:A simple, example driven presentation that aroused the interest of our classmates and earned the respect of our professor.
  • Spring 2012 26wks 5ppl

    VJukeBox - The Video Jukebox

    Skills:Team Management, Long-term planning, milestone creation, Arduino, Electrical wiring, Market research, User testing
    Brief:In a team of 5, sought out a senior community, determined their needs and developed a Video Jukebox in response to those needs.
    Result:A fully functional prototype VJukeBox, which received a positive reaction from the seniors, and our mentors.
  • Summer 2011 13wks 4ppl

    CommTube 1.0

    Skills:User studies, Persona creation, Research methods, Strife resolution
    Brief:In a team of 4, developed a product that would improve the lives of members in a Christian youth group. This was my first opportunity to work with an aggressive team member.
    Result:A conceptual prototype that met the needs of our group.
  • Spring 2011 7wks 3ppl

    Flower Power

    Skills:Arduino, Electricity, Fabrication, Leadership, Art Design
    Brief:Led a team of 4, created a green art piece that was to be installed in a home.
    Result:A smart meter that aroused the interest of our professor, classmates, and test group.
  • Fall 2009 11wks 4ppl

    Team Renegade Email Suite

    Skills:Processing, team management, UI design
    Brief:In a team of 4, redesigned the email suite to make it easier for novices, and more flexible for experts.
    Result:A prototype suite which surprised the class, sorting email in an innovative fashion.
  • Fall 2008 9wks 2ppl

    Game Design

    Skills:Creativity, game design, programming
    Brief:Worked in a team of 2 to improve the design of 3 games, and implement the improved versions.
    Result:A collection of 3 games that received praise as the best of the class.
  • Fall 2008 4wks me

    World of Warcraft Visualizer

    Skills:Java, XML parsing, data representation
    Brief:Over the course of several weeks, developed a tool to make patterns in the World of Warcraft player population visible.
    Result:A simple, yet effective visualization tool that received praise for making patterns easy to spot.
  • Spring 2008 13wks 5ppl

    Live Art Cube

    Skills:Writing, leadership, creativity, reasoning
    Brief:Lead a team of 5 in designing an digital spray painting exhibit for the Surrey Art Gallery.
    Result:A simple, efficient room design that could be implemented in less than 2 years for $48,000.
  • Spring 2008 13wks 3ppl

    Snowbird Learning Suite

    Skills:Java, UML, agile software development, leadership
    Brief:In a team of 3, developed an integrated system of learning tools for grade 6 students following a plug-in architecture.
    Result:A fully functional tool that received the approval of an elementary principal, and entertained a grade 6 student.
  • Fall 2007 1wk 6ppl

    Seattle Design Charette

    Skills:Leadership, team player, public speaker
    Brief:Lead a team of six in a redesign of Seattle's downtown core in three days.
    Result:A favourably received design presentation that addressed many of Seattle's urban problems.
  • Fall 2007 6wks 4ppl

    Showroom Design

    Skills:Maya, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Team Player
    Brief:In a team of four, I helped to design and model a public showroom for the Italian design firm Danese-Milano.
    Result:A fully modelled showroom that used its surroundings wisely and encouraged social gatherings.
  • Spring 2007 13wks 4ppl

    Team Pi Website

    Skills:Adobe Flash, ActionScript, HTML, PHP, MySQL
    Brief:In a team of four, I helped construct a forum using Flash, PHP, and MySQL by teaching myself PHP and MySQL
    Result:A fully functional flash forum, which is still operational