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IAT 101 D11 Team Pi:

How to use the Never Ending Story of Pi (NESP).

Navigating and posting on NESP has been designed to be as simple as possible. When you first arrive at the main page, you will notice several things: A title, followed by a body of text, buttons for search, home, rules, instructions, FAQ and also a comparatively large button labeled choices.

The search button allows you to search NESP (by the assigned post number) for a particular entry. This is particularly useful for finding your own posts, and checking to see whether people have added to them.

The home button will take you back to the very first entry.

The rules button takes you to the aptly named rules page, which is also the code of conduct. It is important to read this before posting, so please hit this link if you skipped through it the first time.

The Instructions button takes you to this page, which explains how to use the NESP website.

The FAQ button takes you to our “Frequently asked questions” page. This page will hopefully answer any questions you may have about the website in general.

Use this button to expand the menu bar, and contribute to NESP (explained below)

How to contribute to NESP
Pressing the choices button expands the choices menu across your screen. In this, you will see either the title for a subsequent entry of the story, or a button labeled “New”. Pressing the title of an entry brings you to the body of that post, furthering one particular “branch” of the storyline. Pressing the New button will take you to the entry page, allowing you to create your own subsequent entry for the story. When creating your entry, please be aware of the code of conduct, and make sure it has both a title and a body of text. Also, it may be a good idea to read all the previous posts in a particular storyline before posting, just so you know what it’s about and what kind of characters are in it. Once you finish creating your entry, press the accept button, or if you wish to cancel, press the close button. After pressing accept you will notice that your entry has now been added to the story, with two branches of its own for other people to expand upon.